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       The Dean and Shelton Flower 

                 Shows of the 2000s


Dean and Shelton Flower Show 2000
At the turn of the last century, a new handbook was produced to detail the regulations and rules of the produce show.


   Dean and Shelton Flower Show          2002 Queens Golden Jubilee

The 108th show was held in 2002 the date of the Queens Golden Jubilee.

de flower show 2000.jpg
de flower show 2000, pig roast

Dean and Shelton Country Show 2020 and 2021

In 2020 and 2021 the world was struck by the Covid 19 Pandemic, closing down normal life and events on a global basis including the Dean and Shelton Country Show.  The Show committee decided to resurrect the show using a different format, taking the show from the village’s hall directly to the villages and people’s houses.  The show classes were simplified to suit the new format and a new class (which proved to be very popular) was introduced, Scarecrows. While breaking from the traditional show format this move allowed the show to go on, keeping alive the 127-year continuous running of the show.

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