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       The Dean and Shelton Flower 

                Shows of the 1930s

                                                           "Dean Is A Most Creditable Exception"


This photograph dates to the 1930s and was probably originally include in the Bedfordshire Times now sadly discontinued. The picture looks to have been taken in the old Dean school.


Headed "Workers at the Dean Village Show", the group were some of the committee members who presided over the show pre-world war two and were all born in Dean, just out of picture is Mr F Carrington, Mr Ernest Lilley (Tailor), Mr F Squirrel, Mr G Tuffnail, (milkman), Miss C L F Dalton, Mr. W Cade, Mr. W Tuffnail, (Blacksmith) and Mr. F Gamblin (Baker)


The picture is possibly taken Tuesday 4th August 1931, see show schedule shown below, this is the earliest schedule held in our records, Dean shows were usually held on the Tuesday after the August bank holiday Monday.



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