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Local Community Links


The Dalton Hall

Web         http://www.daltonhalldean.org

Email        daltonhallupperdean@gmail.com

Phone      Jo Cordell on 01480  869 486

The Dalton Charity

Secretary Scott Findlay

Email    scottfindlay3@gmail.com

The Dean and Shelton Allotment Society

​Email    valerieshort499@gmail.com

Phone   Valerie Short on  01234 708 650

Dean and Shelton Parish Council

Clerk     Ron Grasmeder

Web      https://deanshelton.bedsparishes.gov.uk

Email     DandSparishclerk@aol.com

Young Farmers North Beds

Email     ben.pell@ymail.com

Phone    Ben Pell on 07880 736 854

Web       https://www.bedsyfc.co.uk

Eileen Wade Lower School

Web        www.ewmeschools.org.uk

Email      office@ewps.org.uk

Phone     01234 708 260 

Little Blossoms (Formerly Grasshoppers)

Web      www.littleblossomskindergarten.com

Email    deanunderfives@gmail.com

Phone  Sue Carlie on 07804 244 877

Rushden Town Cricket Club (Incorporating Dean Cricket Club)

Web       rushden.play-cricket.com//

Email      chris@veparrott.co.uk

Phone     Chris Layram on 01933 353522

 The Three Compasses 

Web         http://thethreecompasses.vfmweb.co.uk

Email        info@thethreecompasses.co.uk

Phone       01234 708 346

Stodden Churches

Web        https://stoddenchurches.com

Email       stephenholroyd@btinternet.com

Phone     Stephen Holroyd on 01234 709 740

Bedford Borough Council, Bedfordshire Archives

Web       http://bedsarchives.bedford.gov.uk