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No Entry Dean and Shelton Country Show

Entering the Dean and Shelton Country Show



Village Flower Shows have been part of rural life for many years and the Dean and Shelton Country Show dates back to 1885. The heart and soul of the show have always been the flower show. This year’s show includes classes for Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Household plants, Floral Art, Photography. Craftwork, Cookery, eggs and Preserves. For children, there are also classes including handwriting and model making. Why not try your hand in one or more of the classes. There is something for almost everyone and simply having a go is a lot of fun, and there are eleven trophies to be won.



How to enter


1.      Read the Show Schedule and complete an entry form


  •    Choose the classes you want to enter and complete the entry form.

  •    You must use the Official Entry Form, which can be found in the show programme.

  •    We cannot accept entries by e-mail.

  •    Schedules and entry forms are available by completing the contact form and requesting a copy, these can be posted     to you, emailed, or downloaded from this website or collected from the places shown below.

  •    Schedules and entry forms are also available by phoning the Chairman on 01234 708462, these can be posted or           collected from the places shown below.

  •    Schedules and entry forms can be collected from either the porch of All Hallows Church in Upper Dean or from               Olivers Tea Rooms in Kimbolton.

  •    Schedules and entry forms will be available from June.


2.        Calculate your entry fees


  •     Entry fee of £2 up to 5 entries, £4 up to 10 entries, and £5 for 11 entries or more.

  •     Payment must be submitted along with the entry form.

  •     The entry fee should be paid in cash however payment by cheque is acceptable for postal applications.


3.        Take or post the completed entry form, together with your entry fee to the Show Secretary shown on the entry form

  •     Postal applications much reach the Show Secretary no later than Wednesday 04th September 2024.

    •    Entries by hand should be made to the Show Secretary on Wednesday 04th, Thursday 05th September between     7.00 pm and  9.00 pm

  •     Please note exhibits will not be accepted at this address.

  •     You will be given an exhibitor number and a series of tickets, these should be clearly displayed and suitably stuck to      the plate or vase or your exhibit before handing in your entries.  Exhibitor tickets should not be stuck to lids but to        the container


4.       Take your exhibits to the Dalton Community Hall, Upper Dean, PE28 0LT: 


  •   On Show day, 07th September between 8:00 am and 10:00 am in the morning.  Exhibits should have the exhibitor's          number attached before submitting at the hall 

  •   For all postal entries please give your name at the steward's desk and an entry ticket will be given to you by the          Show Secretary at the Stewards’ desk during staging.  Sellotape will be available for sticking tickets to exhibits


Find the tables reserved for the classes you have entered and arrange your exhibit. Please ensure you arrive with your exhibits in good time - BEFORE 10am,  as we have to close the Dalton Hall at 10am sharp, to enable judging to commence. 


Thank you for your interest in the Dean and Shelton Country Show. It is one of the longest-running village shows in Britain, we are currently working on the next show and there are many opportunities to get involved with the show whether as a volunteer, exhibitor or stallholder we look forward to hearing from you.  We are always also looking for good ideas for the show, volunteers to help negotiate with new sponsors, sell adverts for the programme/schedule, help set up the stalls and the Tea tent, car parking marshalling and a host of other things required to help make the show a great success.


If you would like to be involved with the Dean and Shelton Country Show, we would be pleased to hear from you, please email us using the contact form. Or phone the Chairman.  We will always be very pleased to hear from you.


For further reading please click the link and find Titchmarsh. A.  2012. ‘Be a village showstopper’. The Daily Express. Online at 20/9/18























         Example Dean and Shelton Country Show Schedule 2018                           Example Dean and Shelton Country Show Application Form

                                                                                                                                                              For Exhibits in 2018





       Download your copy of the Show                                                                 Download your copy of the Show

       Schedule by clicking the icon                                                                       Entry form by clicking the icon

        (Latest copy available  2024)                                                                                     (Latest copy available 2024)




Dean and Shelton Country Show Rules


1.      The Society shall be organised to encourage good cultivation of village gardens. It shall be called the “Dean and                   Shelton Country Show” and the Officers and Committee shall be elected annually.


2.      Postal entries should reach the Show Secretary, as per the Schedule, by Wednesday 04th September. All other                       entries should be made by Wednesday 04th or Thursday 05th September 2024 between 7.00 and 9.00 pm.


3.      No one may show more than one exhibit in any class, apart from Photography.


4.      All exhibits must be presented at the venue ready for staging between 8.00 am – 10.00 am on Show         

        day 07th September 2024.  The closing time of 10.00 am will be strictly adhered to.


5.     Entry tickets for postal applications will be available from the stewards’ desk at staging.  These must be applied to                exhibits before submitting to the hall.  Sellotape and pens will be available for exhibitors' use.


6.      All reasonable care will be taken of the exhibits and no one other than the Judges, or the Stewards                     

         will be allowed in the hall from 10 am until after the official opening at 2.00 pm.


7.       All classes will be judged, but certificates will only be awarded at the judges’ discretion.


8.       Exhibits should be collected at 4 pm, any exhibits left after this time will be auctioned in aid of the chosen charity.


9.       Insurance of the cups/rose bowls is the responsibility of the winners.  All trophies must be returned 2 weeks before                the date of the next show.


10.     All dogs will be kept on a lead and under control at all times. No dogs will be allowed in the Dalton Hall, Tea Tent                or playground at any time. 




Judging takes place in the Dalton Hall from 10 am until 2 pm, the Dalton Hall is locked during this time and access is denied to everyone except Show Stewards and officials. Judges will allocate points and these are awarded for correct presentation and the quality of produce, award cards are handwritten and are awarded down to third place. Each year eleven cups are presented during the show by the Show committee and the guest speaker, these then are engraved afterwards with the winner's name and year. It is the responsibility of the cup winner to safeguard the cup until the next Show when it should be returned safely to be used again. During the Show, the cups are displayed under the verandah of the Dalton Hall.


"I would like to enter but do not know what to do !"


The following books are available to help you exhibit especially for the first time or to help you improve the quality of your produce.


Title                         RHS Great British Village Show.

Author                     T. Prince and M. Biggs

Publisher                 Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Date Printed           03/04/2017     

Product Code         GBVS     

ISBN Number         978-0241255612

Format                    Hardback, 224 pages

Price                        RRP £20.00 but is available new from £6.99


The RHS Great Village Show is published in conjunction with the RHS and with a foreword by Alan Titchmarsh, explains how judges reach their nail-biting decisions, and all the official guidelines they have to follow, there are great tips from experts on preparing show quality preserves and bakes. Packed with staging tips, expert guides, photo diaries, and prize-winning recipes, this book is highly recommended.


Title                          The Horticultural Show Handbook

Author                      Royal Horticultural Society

Publisher                  RHS Media

Year Printed             Reprinted 11/02/16

ISBN Number          978-1907057656

Format                     Softback     

Price                         Early printings available second hand from £2.45    


The Horticultural Handbook is the essential RHS reference for organising, judging, and competing in horticulture, and gardening shows, First published in 1953, many updated reprints are available second hand with the latest reprint in 2017.



























































                                         This image is historic exhibitors are now allowed to place their own exhibits.


Exhibition standard vegetable varieties as recommended by the RHS


BROAD BEAN: Exhibition Longpod, Imperial Green Longpod
FRENCH BEAN: Cobra, Blue Lake
RUNNER BEAN: Enorma, Liberty
BEETROOT (round): Boltardy, Red Ace F1, Pablo F1
BEETROOT (long): Mammoth Long, Cheltenham Greentop
CABBAGE: Any F1 hybrid cultivar according to the season
 of maturity
CABBAGE (red): Any F1 hybrid cultivar according to the season
 of maturity
CARROT (long): New Red Intermediate, St Valery
CARROT (stump): Berlicum and Nantes hybrids, Chantenay selections

CALABRESE: Marathon, any good F1 cultivar
CAULIFLOWER: Any F1 hybrid according to the season
 of maturity.  Must be white curded
CELERY: Evening star, Mammoth, Morning Star
COURGETTE: Any F1 hybrid cultivar
CUCUMBER: King George, any F1 hybrid cultivar
LEEK: Mammoth Blanch, Mammoth Pot
LETTUCE (Butterhead): Any well-grown cultivar
LETTUCE (Cos): Little Gem, Lobjoits
LETTUCE (Crisphead): Lakeland, Saladin
MARROW: Any F1 hybrid cultivar
ONION (over 8oz/250g): Ailsa Craig, The Kelsae
ONION (8oz/250g and under): Midsummer maturing = Toughball – overwintered; late summer maturing = Centurion. New Fen Globe, Sturon, Turbo, from sets, any F1 hybrid cultivar from seed

PARSNIP: Gladiator F1, Albion F1, any well-grown F1 hybrid
PEA: Show Perfection, Alderman
PEPPER: Bell-Boy, Jalapeno

POTATO (white): Winston, Nadine
POTATO (coloured): Maxine, Kestrel
PUMPKIN: Any well-grown cultivar
SHALLOT: Hative de Niort
SWEET PEPPER: Bell-Boy, California Wonder
TOMATO: Any F1 hybrid
TURNIP: Any well-grown cultivar


Suppliers of show quality vegetable seeds and plantlet's


Available as seeds, and in some cases plants, from a wide range of suppliers, including specialist exhibition growers:


Fosters Seeds also plantlets

01947 840 666


JBA Seed Potatoes
Tel: 01461 202 567


Medwyns of Anglesey (400 vegetable growing articles online)
Tel: 01248 714 851


W Robinson and Son (Seeds and Plants) Ltd
Tel: 01524 791 210


Notes and Guidance for Exhibitors 


If you do not have them already then on arrival, collect your exhibitor’s tickets from the Show Secretary and check the positions of the classes you have entered. Put the correct ticket on your exhibit then sellotape it to the plate, vase or jar.  Do not attach the ticket to the lid.


If you have questions please ask one of the Stewards or committee members who will be on hand to help. (Please note that the committee would appreciate the naming of exhibits in the vegetable, fruit and flower classes as such information does add to the interest for visitors to the show.) 


Attention should be paid to match the sizes of the items.  


Vegetables & Fruit Specimens should be free of blemishes and as identical as possible in size, shape, colour, freshness and degree of maturity.  

Make sure all vegetables are clean: wash roots gently but do not scrub them.  


Carrots and beet should have their foliage trimmed to not more than 7.5cm (3”) from the top of the shoulder of the root.  

Tomatoes should be shown with stalk attached and stalk upwards.

Onions should be not too skinned or green.  Tops should be neatly trimmed and tied.

Some decoration or staging can help.  For example, a single beetroot leaf under beetroots or onions/shallots shown on sand or grain.

Herbs are usually presented in a neat bunch sufficient to fill a vase 15cm (6”) in height and must be labelled.   


Apples and pears should be shown with the stalk. 


Flowers are to be shown in one container only.


Use vases or bowls that are as plain as possible. 


Foliage from plants other than that of the single flower classes being exhibited must not be included, flower displays can use any foliage.


Please date all preserves.  Jars should be of clear glass, free from all commercial marks and well polished.   


Jam, jelly, curd and marmalade should have a waxed disc and cellophane to form the seal of preservation. If no seal of preservation is present the item may be judged not acceptable, metal lids are not recommended.


Cakes should be presented on a plain white plate.  


Bread can be presented on a wooden breadboard.


Handicrafts. Credit may be given for an original design.  


All photographs should be A4 and unframed. they should not carry any wording other than a title.     


These notes are not definitive and are for guidance only please see additional tips and guidance in the general section


please copy and paste the For further reading concerning judging HTML document into your search bar or click the link below.


Buchanan U. A. 2006. ‘Border Lines Judging’. The Telegraph. 24/9/18


Dean and Shelton Flower Show Awards



Dean and Shelton Flower Show Memorial Cup

(First presented in 1979, in memory of Mrs. C Mackay Brown and Rev B Aylott)

Awarded to the overall show winner with most points in all classes.



Eileen Wade Rose Bowl

(First presented in1978, in memory of Eileen Wade)

Awarded for the most points in the vegetable classes.



Novices Cup

(First presented in1980 by the committee)

Awarded to newcomers to the villages of Dean and Shelton only in the past 5 years,

with the highest number of points awarded on their winning entries.



Dalton Children’s Cup

(Presented in 1982, by the Dalton Trustees)

Awarded to children under 16 with the highest number of points in classes.


GARDEN PRODUCE WINNER                                                                                                      

Dalton Cup

(Presented in 1982, originally as the Garden Cup) 

Awarded for the winner of most points in the fruit, produce and egg classes.



Jim Lilly Memorial Award                                                                                                              

 (Presented by miss Joan Hobbs)

Awarded for the winner of most points in classes.



Centenary Cup

(First Presented in 1995, by the committee)

Awarded for most points in the Flower Classes.



 Simon Peck Rose Bowl

(Presented in 1984, by Simon Peck)

Awarded for best show photograph 18 and under.



Caves Cup

(Presented by Mr. and Mrs. Caves)

Awarded to the winner of best show photograph.



The Dillingham Trophy

(Presented in 1994, by the Dillingham family)

Awarded for most points in classes.                                                                        Baking classes 2018



The Frank and Doris Gamblen Memorial Plate

(Presented in 1985, by the Gamblen family)

Awarded for the most points in the bakery classes.



Dean and Shelton Flower Show Overall Show Winners 1951 to present day


1951 to 2018


1951 F. Squirrel

1952 F. Squirrel

1953 F. Squirrel

1954 L. Hewitt

1955 L. Hewitt

1956 L. Hewitt

1957 L. Hewitt

1958 L. Hewitt

1959 L. Hewitt

1960 L. Hewitt

1961 L. Hewitt

1962 L. Hewitt

1963 L. Hewitt

1964 L. Hewitt

1965 L. Hewitt

1966 L. Hewitt

1967 Miss. Moreley

1968 L. Hewitt

1969 Miss. Moreley

1970 L. Hewitt

1971 L. Hewitt

1972 L. Hewitt

1973 L. Hewitt

1974 L. Hewitt

1975 L. Hewitt

1976 L. Hewitt

1977 L. Hewitt

1978 L. Hewitt

1979 L. Hewitt

1980 L. Hewitt

1981 L. Hewitt

1983 L. Hewitt

1984 E.W. Butlin

1985 E.W. Butlin

1986 Mrs. E.M. Clark

1987 Mrs. E.M. Clark

1988 J. Hewitt

1989 E.W. Butlin

1990 J. Hewitt

1991 Mrs. K. Banks

1992 Mrs. K. Banks

1993 Mrs. B. Burns

1994 Mrs. B. Burns

1995 J. Mcleod

1996 Mrs. L. Tippler / J. Mcleod

1997 Mrs. S. Hudson

1998 Mrs. B. Burns

1999 Mrs. K. Banks

2000 M. Muncaster / Mrs. B. Burns

2001 M. Griffin

2002 M. Griffin

2003 M. Griffin

2004 R. Hallsworth

2005 M. Griffin

2006 Mrs. A. Phillips

2007 M. Griffin

2008 Mrs. A.Phillips

2009 M. Griffin

2010 Mrs. B. Baker

2011 Mrs. R. Neale

2012 Mrs. F. Slowe

2013 Mrs. D. Brummell

2014 S. Hurford-Dawson

2015 Mrs. D. Hudson

2016 Mrs. D. Hudson

2017 Mrs. D. Hudson

2018 Mrs. C. Pattison

2019 Mrs C. Pattison

2020 no award

2021 no award

2022 Mrs A Phillips

2023 Mrs C Pattison

Dean and Shelton Country Show Judges


Flowers, Flower handicrafts

J Velce


Children's Classes

M Brown


Egg Classes

M Throssel

Vegetables, fruit and drinks Classes

A Mulvaney


Baking Classes

P Bird

Bread and preserves

A Deavall


A Pay

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