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       The Dean and Shelton Flower 

                Shows of the 1970s


          "Quality Floral Displays                            Impress Visitors"


Quite a detailed description here after a show affected by rain at the 83rd Dean and Shelton Flower Show held at the Eileen Wade School in 1975. Bedfordshire Times.



         "Record Breaking Entries"

Record numbers of exhibitors check their entries at Eileen Wade School in 1979. Image Bedfordshire Times.


           "Crowded Marquee In 1976"

Exhibitors and Fancy dress competitors view their entries at Eileen Wade School in 1976. Unknown photographer.


  "Copy OF Show Schedule 1976"


Note the number of Vice Presidents 28! Mrs. Precious was Headmistress at Eileen wade.



          "Show Poster For 1976"

Note Skittles prize and term Juvenile Sports! An art exhibition was also held in All Hallows Church.

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