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       The Dean and Shelton Flower 

                 Shows of the 1980s


       "Record Overall Show Winner

                         26 times"


This photograph dates to1980 and was featured in the Bedfordshire Times. The picture records the moment Mr. Hewitt was awarded Overall Show Winner Leslie again for a record 26th time.



             "Quality Floral Displays                             Impress Visitors"


Judge Elizabeth Bates admires an award-winning flower arrangement by Mrs. Sylvia Smeed at he 90th Dean and Shelton Flower in 1984. Bedfordshire Times.



    "Ethel Clark Breaks Record Run"


Pictured by the Bedfordshire Times in the striped Marquee at Eileen Wade School Ethel Clark breaks Mr. Hewitt's record run winning overall Show Winner in 1986.



    "Dean and Shelton Flower Show One of the          Countries Oldest Surviving Village Shows"


A downpour did not dampen spirits for visitors to one of Britain's oldest surviving village shows held at Eileen Wade School in1984, as you can see an art exhibition coincided with the show, picture Bedfordshire Times.



   "Showers did not put off crowds"


An actual reproduction from a sole surviving copy of the Bedfordshire Times, showing Geoff Squirrel running his scale ploughing engine and Mr. Butlin winning overall, the show is still held at Eileen Wade School in1985 and running races were still held.



                        Award Card

Used At The Dean And Shelton Flower Show in the 1980s




"Dean and Shelton Flower"                            Schedule from 1986


"Dean and Shelton Flower Show"

               Evening Ticket 1987


"Dean and Shelton Flower Show"

handwritten results of the best

front garden competition 1982

Accounts 1981

"Dean and Shelton Flower Show"

Hand-Written Accounts 1981, showing a very small profit of £4.60

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