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 The Dean Flower Show of the 1890s

This description is believed to have been provided especially for the Dean Museum by Mrs. Mackay Brown, where a typed card was on display until 2017 when the museum was disbanded, the original description is now kept in the Dean and Shelton Flower Show archives.   


                                    Remembered by Mrs. C L F Mackay Brown  


The Flower Show at August bank holiday was a summer landmark. It was held in the school, with stalls and roundabouts in the field and sports for adults and children - 100 yard sprint for different ages, including over 60's; thread - needle an egg and spoon for young and elderly ladies; sack races, and eating a treacly bun; drinking ginger beer from a marble sealed bottle (for boys); decorated bicycles, mainly entered by young ladies and their young men - our maids always competed.


Raunds Silver Prize Band performed and also for dance night. The ladies of the village catered for tea in a tent - usually buttered buns, huge triangular jam sandwiches and slices of fruit cake - "bought slab" it was known as tasting of cardboard.