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The RAF's Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Aircraft at the Dean and Shelton Country show 2019.

An application has just been sent in to RAF Bentley Priory for their consideration to provide the 125th Dean and Shelton Country Show with a flypast this will be made by any of their collection of WW2 fighter aircraft, it may be possible to have either a Spitfire or Hurricane to provide us with a rare appearance in the skies over Dean. Of course this will be subject to the RAF being able to schedule their aircraft transits from one air show to another via Dean. Unfortunately serviceability of these ageing aircraft and weather conditions will also play a role in the RAF's Battle of Britain Flight appearing in the skies over Dean on the 7th September 2019. We will have to wait and see and we will not be informed until the end of February, keep your fingers crossed.

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Dean and Shelton Country
Dean and Shelton Country
Sep 30, 2018


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